Transcription also forms part of these “administrative” tasks that require, furthermore, a deep-rooted knowledge of the language in question, and sometimes, even, certain specialized training.

We annotate the information contained in the recording (conferences, addresses, seminars, shareholders’ meetings…) either literally or using adaptations. In the first case, the entirety of what is said and audible is contained (repetitions, tags, background noise etc.). In the second one, the information is extracted in a clear and clean manner, and even corrected (in the case of unnecessary repetitions so that it can be read back with ease etc.).

How does the service work? You provide us with the audio or video file and we will transcribe it (indicating whether or not you wish for us to put time markers and the names of the different speakers, according to your requirements) and we shall return it to you in a Word file.

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(Should you try to send several files, please compress them into a single file and send the zip file, or click on the button marked “Add” to send them one by one).



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