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Because translating a technical text requires an expert

As you will have been able to appreciate in our section on renewable energy, technical translations are one of our flagship services. This is due to the fact that many of our clients contracting our services are engineering firms for the renewable energy or other sectors.

Thus, the recipients of our translations receive a pleasant surprise when they find the use of fluent and natural terminology they are used to dealing with.

>> Wide-ranging experience in the sphere of industrial (energy, mechanical, electrical sectors…) civil, computer and telecommunications engineering.

>> Our commitment: we only accept orders we are sure we can fulfil.

These are some of the documents we handle:

  • Brochures, catalogues, etc.
  • Technical and financial bids, tenders
  • Technical specifications
  • Patents
  • Provision of service contracts
  • Usage, maintenance and service manuals (on-board computer systems, paper machinery, test benches, heat exchangers, pneumatic systems and elements, thermocompressors, etc.)
  • Manuals of controller programming, PLC servos and HMI displays.
  • AutoCAD Drawings
  • Reports on testing, checks and measurements, etc.
  • Technical support documentation and professional training programmes for multiple engineering firms
  • Certification processes for the wood and furniture sector, pest management process and curative treatments
  • Specialization in cut-to-length, feeding and packaging lines
  • Specialization in railway engineering
  • Installation of servers, internal telephony and wiring
  • Barrier toll system manuals, electronic payment services manuals, etc.
  • Cybersecurity, RFID/NFC systems, Mifare readers, tags and cards, access and presence control, etc.
  • Cloud-based solutions, SAP solutions, Big Data, consultancy
  • Information engineering and industrial memory
  • Marketing emails for technological companies
  • App translations
  • Computer programme tutorials

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Telephone no.: +34 607 024 057



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