Legal and sworn

A solid legal background and impeccable presentations

It is worthwhile pointing out that legal and sworn translations are not equivalent terms.

We offer:

  • Legal translations (into all official EU languages, amongst others). This encompasses all types of documents taken from the legal sphere.
  • Sworn translations (From FRENCH TO SPANISH and vice versa). This may involve legal content or not, and is noteworthy due to its form and function.

A sworn translation is an official document with legal validity acknowledged by the public sector administration. This type of project is performed by a sworn translator, appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and comes with a certification, signature and stamp to attest to the fact that the translation is a genuine reproduction of the original.

Sworn translations are often required by authorities such as ministries, courts, academic institutions etc., and involve a very diverse type of documents: medical records, academic records, birth certificates, patents, notarial acts, etc.

As we are dealing with a type of translation that requires a deep-rooted knowledge of the sector and extreme thoroughness, we only work with genuine specialists in the field, with wide-ranging experience and who fulfil our strict selection criteria.

Amongst other items, we translate:

  • Patents
  • Deeds, notarial certificates, minutes for board meetings, official notifications, terms of accession, injunctions, etc.
  • Confidentiality, collaboration, vendor, franchise, outsourcing agreements and contracts, etc.
  • Banking and insurance
  • Professional, academic, matrimony, census, birth and death certificates, etc.
  • Allegations and complaints
  • Statutes
  • Medical records
  • Auditing reports
  • Spanish Family Record Book
  • Annual reports
  • Power of Attorney Forms
  • Insurance policies
  • Rulings, court judgements, verdicts
  • Last wills and Testaments
  • Qualifications, diplomas, academic records
  • Visas, etc.

All of our sworn translations are presented on eighth grade stamp-impressed paper and with a specific template. Even though this is not legally required, we are aware of the fact that a project of this nature must be impeccably presented and accordingly with the function it is to carry out.

Finally, for your peace of mind, we are always aware of the latest changes to legislation published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) as to ensure that your translations are in compliance with the terms set forth by the Spanish Law.

Shipping method: depending on the urgency of the translation, we can return it to you by registered mail, urgent registered mail or courier service (with delivery before 1pm the next day in Spain).

Payment method: all translations must be paid for in advance by bank transfer. Once we receive your proof of payment by e-mail, we will begin the translation.

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