Fitness, Nutrition and Cosmetics

The fruits of a personal drive

Along with the specialization area of Marketing, Communication and Media, cosmetics is another that inspires and demands maximum creativity to suggest, attract and appeal to the reader’s senses. And this is precisely what we do. We imbibe the essence of the original text and furnish it with the same expressiveness in the translated text. By means of a reference, we have translated products for household names such as Lancôme, Givenchy, Oenobiol, Jeanne Piaubert, etc.

With regard to fitness and nutrition, these form part of our day-to-day lifestyle and our personal passions, included in the latter the addiction to cooking. Thus, we were left with no option but to include it amongst our most “attractive” areas of expertise. 😉 Worthy of special mention here is our specialist area of sports nutrition and raw vegan cuisine.

We also handle documentation on Spanish products exported all over the world, such as oils, cheeses and wines, meaning we have on hand specific glossaries adapted to this more “gourmet” option.

Amongst the most commonly translated documents in this field, we have:

  • Articles, company dossiers, catalogues, brochures of all types
  • Philosophical and marketing content for cosmetic firms
  • Treatments for hair, face and body
  • Professional training courses for cosmetic products’ sales staff
  • Leaflets for aerobic and style conventions
  • Machinery manuals and fitness materials
  • Sports fashion
  • Websites of international presenters, fitness instructors, personal trainers, physiotherapy services…
  • Websites and commercial documentation for wineries, exporting companies dealing with oils and cheeses, etc..
  • Articles on nutrition and supplements
  • Bio and Holistic Nutrition
  • Menus for restaurants

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