Environment and Renewable Energy

Terminological accuracy and years of experience in the sector

Even though we are dealing with an eminently technical specialization area, we wished to devote a specific block to this as translations on the environment, energy and utilities are precisely one of our “star” services.

We work in tandem with major companies in the renewable energy sector (wind power, solar power, biomass, biofuels etc.) and with organisations and associations related with rural development, the environment and eco-innovation.

In these sectors we translate very diverse documentation, such as the following:

  • Quarterly and annual company bulletins
  • Corporate websites
  • Project documentation and civil engineering
  • Use and Maintenance Manuals/Standards for many facilities and farms
  • Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) manuals (warnings, non-conformities; preventative, corrective and improvement actions; occupational risk prevention, etc.
  • Audits, legal advice
  • Training of in-house and external staff
  • Purchase, procurement and logistics for materials
  • Supplier and client management, institutional relations
  • Public invitations to bid and awarding of tenders, services and supplies
  • Manufacturing, reception, visitors, environmental feasibility, technical – financial reports etc.
  • Installation manuals and equipment for waste management
  • Recovery of rivers and land, atmospheric decontamination
  • LEADER Rural Development Programmes
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Control methods and phytosanitary treatments on crops
  • Diverse documentation and reports on biotechnology and genetic modification

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Telephone no.: +34 607 024 057

E-mail: info@frensp.com


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